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Meet Our Staff Members


Naidene Rios

Senior Underwriter

Naidene Rios, Senior Underwriter at Guahan Insurance Services, born and raised on Guam started her employment with Guahan Insurance Services just a year after their opening in back in 2013 with less than a handful of employees.

Her experience in the insurance industry, licensed in Property & Casualty is just shy of 8 years. Her hobbies include scrapbooking and cooking for her family of 5.

What is your primary focus with your customers?

Our primary focus are the needs of our customers and their satisfaction to develop and sustain their trust & loyalty. Without our customers we are not a company.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

First, we must understand what their needs are in terms of insurance when they walk into our doors and in return we make sure they understand their coverage before they leave. By doing so, they are at ease and can turn to us in their time of need, especially after a personal crises or catastrophe.

Ma Luisa

Ma. Luisa Peralta


Luisa Peralta was in the banking industry for the last 10 years and joined the Guåhan Insurance Services Inc. team in 2017. Peralta is a customer service representative with a strong commitment to build customer loyalty by effectively handling multiple client requests and concerns with courtesy and in a positive manner.


Shyla Jo Santiago

Customer Service Representative

Shyla Jo Santiago has been in the insurance industry for two and a half years starting as a Customer Service Representative which she enjoyed very much and about a month ago she started training in Commercial Lines. She is a mother of two healthy active children who keep her occupied when she’s not at work. Her hobbies include playing softball and spending time with family.


Marie Johnson Gallo

Customer Service Representative

Marie J. Gallo is part of the Guåhan Insurance Services, Inc. Customer Service Team. Her part as a customer service representative is to assist and provide the best customer service and most affordable rates for Personal Auto Lines. Gallo enjoys the insurance industry and strives to serve and protect her customers and satisfy their auto insurance needs. Gallo also holds a Guam Property & Casualties Insurance License.

Ismael Almonte

Ismael Almonte

Senior Accountant

Jenny Benzon

Collections Clerk

Rona Palacios

Administrative Assistant / Subrogation & Salvage Officer

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